“So take a sec, and turn off the noise. You’ll notice the music of the stillness is the spark to your joy.” – (from “Turn Off The Noise”) – ToTC

Perhaps you’ve noticed that the world is moving way too quickly. That real people seem to be fading away, changing from flesh and blood into simply “profiles in the mobile phone review.” This is the world in which the indie folk band Towers of Temple City was conceived.

Born among a group of Los Angeles based artists and instrumentalists, Towers (or ToTC for short), has the aim of creating music that moves listeners to reflect on the state of our modern age, and to ask if perhaps we might be losing something in our race toward the future.

The band was founded by award winning songwriter and singer, John Torres (John Lennon Songwriting Award, Independent Music Award), studio guitarist and USC Pop program professor Timothy Kobza (Modereko), along with critically acclaimed actor/composer Will Collyer (Mark Taper Forum/ifsoever).
The band has grown to include drummer extraordinaire Jacob Reed (Bill Holman, trioKAIT, Mako) and gifted composer-orchestrator-cellist Max Mueller (David Newman, film composer; singer/songwriter Børns)

In a break from the traditional album-marketing model, ToTC has so far only released individual singles, one at a time, with the idea being that each song is like standalone short story. Though perhaps down the line, album releases might be preferable, for now, the band is quite content with releasing in this way, and giving each song a little extra attention. “It’s caused us to spend that much more time crafting each individual song, and to ask if we are actually passionate about what we’re putting out,” says Torres. Currently the band releases new singles about once every two months, and ultimately hopes to accompany each single with a companion video.

Be on the lookout for more though provoking musical magic from Towers of Temple City in the months to come.

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